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        Product detail
        • Name: JK Brand Low Voltage Shunt Capacitor Series
        • Number: BSM-A

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        General Description
        Brand of self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor, made of the advanced metallized film, is produced strictly in accordance with the National
        Standard and  IEC Standard by the introduced advanced foreign techniques and equipment. The device is mainly suitable for low voltage electric
        net work to improve power factor, reduce reactive loss, and better the voltage quality.
        Main Features
        1. Small volume and light weight: It is only 1/4 and 1/5 of the weight and volume of the outdated products respectively.
        2. Low loss: With the actual loss less than 0.1%, the capacitor, itself, has low consumption of energy, little radiation, low temperature rise, long
        service life, and good energy, conservation feecet.
        3. Excellent self -healing performance: When a part of the inolation is fed through due to the over voltage, it is capable of self-heaing so as to continue
        the normal operation, therefore there liability is in proved greatly.
        4. Safety: Equipped with self-discharging resistant and safety devices inside, it is safe and reliable.
        5. Without oil leakage: In order to avoid oil leakage during operation so as to protect the environment, it employs the microrystlline wax as the
        Impregnant , which remains solid atordinary temperature and has a drip melting point higher than70℃
        Scope of Application
        The product complies with IEC 30-1998 standard.
        Place for installation: Indoor
        Ambient temperature: -40℃~+45℃
        Capacity error: -5%~+10%
        Withstand voltage: Withstanding 700VAC for 2~5s between terminals
        and 3000VAC for 10s between the whole terminals and the outer casing
        Loss rate: below 0.12%
        Allowable over voltage:
        Below the rated voltage of 110% (Within 8 hours every 24 hours)
        Below the rated voltage of 115% (Within 8 minutes every 24 hours)
        Below the rated voltage of 120% (Within 5 minutes and less than two time
        evert month)
        Below the rated voltage of 130% (Within 1 minute and less than two time
        evert month)
        Allowable over current: Below the rated voltage of 130%
        Insulating impedance: All terminals and the outer casing are above 300MΩ
        (500VDC for one minute)
        Internal discharge resistance: The internal protector reduces the voltage
        to below 75V in three minutes.

        Main Technical Characteristics
        1、Service Condition:-25℃/+45℃ Humidity≤90%RH  Altitude≤2000m
        2. Rated voltage:250VAC, 400VAC,525VAC,690VAC,750VAC,1050VAC
        3.Rated output:10-80kvar
        4.Capacitance Tolerance:0- +15%
        5. Loss Angle Tangent(Power Frequency Rated Voltage): tgδ≤0.01 at 20℃
        6.Withstand voltage: Capable of withstanding 1.75 times of rated voltage between poles for 10s, R≥ 1000MΩ.
        7. Max allowable voltage: 1.10 times of the rated voltage.
        8. Max allowable current: 1.30 times of the rated current.
        9. Self-discharging characteristics: Apply √2 Un DC voltage to the device and switch off the power supply for 3m, and then the residual voltage is 50V or less. 10.
        Standards: In conformity with GB 12747-2004, IEC 831-1988.